Leather Guard – Love your Leather

For people who love their leather, Leather Guard nourishes and protects your leather using the finest Australian beeswax and a blend of non-toxic and antibacterial oils.

The six secrets of Leather Guard:

1. Leather Guard is easy to apply
Not too runny, not too greasy.

2. One product for all Leather items
Leather Guard contains Australian beeswax and refined mineral oil, making it safe to use on; shoes, boots, bags, belts, jackets, furniture, luggage, carseats and saddles.

3. Leather Guard also contains tea tree oil
Which is a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal has properties to help prevent mould and mildew created by dark wardrobes and humid climates.

4. Leather Guard contains nothing harmful
No Solvents
that can dry out your leather.
No Animal fats that can cause stitching to rot. 
No Plant oils that can oxidise and go rancid.

5. Leather Guard will not permanently darken leather
The pale bees wax and clear oil reduce any colour change when applied. Also, it’s free of dyes so it won’t rub off on to your clothes.

6. Apply Leather Guard and you’re done
If you like a shine, then buff after letting it dry.

How to apply Leather Guard:

STEP 1. Make sure your leather is clean
Using a clean damp (water) cloth, lightly wipe your leather to remove any dust or dirt.

STEP 2. Apply Leather Guard (wax on)
Using a clean cloth, foam applicator or natural-hair brush, apply a small amount of Leather Guard and lightly work into the leather.

Step 3. Let it do its magic
Allow the oils to soak in and the wax to dry.

Step 4. Optional (Wax off)
Using a clean cloth, buff to create a slight shine and you’re done. Reapply as needed.

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